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Our purpose

There is a common dilemma:

If we empower humanity - we consume and destroy the planet, I’d we save the planet - we have to restrict humanity somehow. This is the usual assumption - because human activity exploits the planet

However, there may be a 3rd possibility - the ideal outcome - where humans live in harmony with the planet.

For that to happen, first - we humans have to learn to appreciate the natural world , only then we can take steps to preserve it. But, you cannot force people to love or appreciate something. Instead - you can entice them to do so. By inviting them to observe the most fascinating and beautiful parts of our planet - we can create this appreciation.

But first - you have to get them there. Amongst the trees, along the rivers, between the waterfalls.

This is the purpose of our enterprise.


It’s not just about saving the planet, though. Today we have sedentary, domesticated lifestyles and this brews a whole myriad of degenerative health conditions.

We aim to inspire a more outdoorsy, active and interesting lifestyle by designing exciting, fun, yet safe and comfortable equipment. To entice humans out of their comfort zone for a taste of adventure and exploration to the most magical parts of our planet.

Let’s go. Before it’s too late.



Our story:


2010 London

Founder Kirk Kirchev, a creative product designer and avid outdoorsman, designs and starts limited production of his first innovative elevated tents.

Elevated tents


TreezTreeTents invent the world’s first tree tents

March 2012

A partnership is born out of Kirk’s idea to redesign and help manufacture tree tents as a mass produced consumer product.

Tree tents

2014 - 2015

These initial, flagship tree tents win international acclaim, design awards, and grow to be the leading brand.

Kirk Kirchev awards

2016 Scotland

After helping to steer the company, and double its size for 4 consecutive years, Kirk decides to leave and pursue his new designs - believing that further innovation should continue to evolve the outdoor recreation world.

Spider Tents and Super Kayak

2021 May

After years of experimenting, tweaking, designing and testing we launch Spider Tents and Super Kayak  - both aiming to be the ultimate in their respective categories.

A successful Kickstarter campaign enables full scale production of Super Kayak. Learn more at www.super-kayak.com 

To be continued 


Contact us:

UK  +44 7467545458   GMT 

USA  +1 303 7476212  EST

 EU  +359 876032058 


More detail - from 2015: 

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